Iontophoresis – Some great benefits of treatments by simply ions

The iontophoresis is known as a method that enables the application of makeup on the skin area by ions. It is the program of the houses of the galvanic current intended for the introduction of cosmetic or medical products prone to their active principles being ionically dissociated.

This sexual penetration occurs by subjecting the substances to the electric discipline of galvanic current, which in turn dissociates it into great ions and negative ions, which move towards the electrodes of inverse polarity to them, that may be, the adverse ions will be directed to the positive electrode as well as the positive ions to the bad electrode.

The velocity with which the ions pass through depends on the quantity of current flowing (electric field strength) and the moments of application. As a result of iontophoresis, due to this method, interesting effects have already been obtained in beauty solutions, due to their transmission properties by higher depth levels, while using consequent embrace performance as a result of maximum use of the inherent properties.

What is the treatment?

In facial treatments, is conducted using unique metallic electrodes. The approach consists of slowly and gradually sliding these types of accessories around the cutaneous surface area, previously sanitized and moistened permanently with water through the use of a sprayer. The ionisable product is positioned either on the cutaneous surface (gels) or by simply imbibing a gauze in said item when it is of liquid reliability (lotions and ampoules). A valid choice is the utilization of gauze masks that exist out there for this purpose, which must be moistened previously. Then electrodes slide on it slowly but surely.

The duration of the alternative to botox iontophoresis runs between 12-15 and 20 minutes, plus the frequency with the sessions depend upon which individual needs of every person.

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