How to get the ideal partner for the introduction of apps

Locating a mobile application development firm is a not at all hard task, precisely what is really sophisticated is discovering the right company for your project. In this article we evaluate what are the parameters and criteria that need to be taken into account think about the best mobile app development company of your apps.

What criteria to follow to choose our ideal partner?


We are considering knowing what sort of companies stand for the successes of our practical partner:

B2C (Business 2 Customer) or B2B (Business 2 Business). The experience you present based on a clients will allow you not to make a few mistakes that this individual already is aware of and offers solved before.
Startup or Fortune 500 experience. What you need to know is if the partner provides experience with firms the size of your own. Having a spouse who is aware the rules on the game of companies of various sizes and different phases of maturation represents a property of great worth when expecting possible constraints and hazards.


After getting seen the portfolio, there may be nothing like requesting references towards the potential spouse-to-be’s customers. It can be information which could save you a lot of time and, above all, money.

Local, hybrid or perhaps framework-made apps

We want to discover what is the very best solution within our case and acquire a validation for this decision. It would end up being convenient to verify in the lover’s portfolio in the event there are instances of each type and, in the case of choosing a generated iphone app, to test the examples of the portfolio to evaluate its finish off.

User Interface and User Experience (UI as well as UX)

This can be a fundamental portion of the app that will need a progressive work of optimization on the interface based on trial and error. Once validating the event that our spouse can own in this factor, it is advisable to know in advance the effort methodology for being used, to have references of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) in earlier works, to verify that they will be respected Recognized iOS and Android style guides, know what tools are used and why, and, if you contract the expansion and the UI / UX separately, do not forget that the former can intervene from the beginning.

Work strategy

Having described a methodology and know how to apply it is key. It is actually convenient for all of us to find out the methodologies and work tools of our spouse, as they would have been a source of data, reports, control points as well as the location of possible optimizations that will keep no doubt whether or not they should are used or not.

Motorisation and assessment

It is essential which our partner has an automated creation and application methodology as it will steer clear of many unexpected economic and time costs. Ask being taught the full routine of a prior development and also the tools utilized for automation will give us a concept of how the partner gets results and assess their own job.

Transparency and honesty

Visibility should be an inherent factor in any team right from the start, an absolute need. It is important to discover the methodology of development of our partner since this enables us to be aware of at all times precisely what is being labored on and how the project can be progressing.


Our spouse must be practical to be involved in the project right from the start. It is a contributions of extra benefit since by technical level your knowledge and experience will be greater. Consult him how a communication goes with his clients are to validate his activity.

Knowledge Rear

It is recommended that the spine (the technology that functions and not seen) and the forward (what the person sees) are carried out with the same partner because the collaboration between teams could be more fluid, with known methodologies and approved by each party. This way, greater top quality and efficiency is ascertained.


It really is interesting our partner provides a team dedicated to pen-testing assessments other than development. Depending on the form of applications caught, the services of a corporation specialized in computer system security for ethical hacking will be different in order to make certain that there are simply no security flaws in your item.


Your spouse should be able to provide you with a list and a short bio of the persons involved in the advancement the software. Having this document not merely helps visibility, it is also a great insurance to be able to find out that these people are the experts you expect.

SQA (Software Top quality Assurance)

It is essential to choose a partner that has a precise SQA strategy. This is an assurance not only that the merchandise is perfect and complies along with the functional description but that there is a high level procedure that encompasses almost all processes.

Support and repair

Developing an app is certainly not a one-shot job. It is just a product that should evolve with users and the market. You will need to verify which our partner possesses a support and maintenance section with in depth experience, ready of accepting any size and insuring the life of the application.

Price tag

Do not let the purchase price be your only guide. It isn’t advisable to pick out a partner centered only by using an economic estimate because, of course, you need a wonderful product, certainly not the cheapest one particular. In technology, it is very common to start with the lowest priced supplier that is not efficient, so you hire one more whose selling price was terminated in advance, with the consequent expense in time and money. Consult your potential partners the price broken down by profiles and tasks, this will likely make this easier to set up a comparison with criteria.

This brief guide is certainly not intended to be defined. It is a support made from encounter for those who are confronted with the hard responsibility of choosing an associate for their projects.

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