Clash of Clans: The best recommendations

Defense in Clash of Clans

At the start you are just attacked by computer, however, you should establish a good security strategy so your collected yellow metal does not dissolve in atmosphere.
Defense devices: Do not build the protection systems directly against the outermost wall because they are attacked and destroyed soon after a tear.
Several wall surfaces: Also useful is the by using double wall surfaces, since two wall breakers are wanted. However , you may usually manage this high end only by level eight.
Build small: Especially in the starting you should arrange your complexes so that as some of them as possible can be a defense system. Many buildings could be protected concurrently. If you have a lot of defenses after, the narrow construction may be resolved.

Look for the strike

Not only defense is essential in Clash of Clans Hack No Survey Verification . As well during the strike you should consider some points for the time being.
Assets: Before continuing to an strike, you should look into the number of assets your opposition has. In case the potential produce is rather slim, it is rarely worth your energy of a duress, and it is simply risk.
Defense: Also examine how good your opponent is in protection. Look thoroughly at the castle, look for weakened spots, and appreciate the update status from the defenses, when you are up to the challenger at all.
Tribe: Caution with opponents that have a clan castle. In case it is too nearby the Clanburg, it can request assistance very quickly. As well the following vengeance actions should not be undervalued.

The best wall membrane building
When possible, not only develop a double wall, but make an effort to protect your buildings based on the box process. Do not merely build a wall structure around each building, nonetheless try to covers as many individual buildings as it can be with your own wall space. At first you should assemble several buildings after which wall as a group.

The right structure of the complexes

To ensure that you will not suffer a lot of damage during an strike, the structures should be positioned correctly.
Outdoors: Place the construction, barracks, factory, laboratory and clan fort outside the surfaces. These can come to be grasped with no further results and 1st steer away from interior with the castle. Take note, however , that the buildings can still be come to through protection facilities.
Mitte: The town lounge and the money warehouse must be as central as possible. You need to pay particular attention to both of these buildings.
Within just: Around the community hall and the gold storage facility should follow the production buildings and the protection systems.

Acquire jewels

To get quicker in the game the jewels are exceedingly important. You will find two ways to get this devoid of money.
Obstacles: Again and again different obstacles like trees or rocks show on the map. Remove these, so oftentimes jewels will be underneath. Of course, you will not get a jeweler’s millionaire, but that is a great way to acquire a few jewels.
Clans: Try to get into a effective clan. The very best three clans regularly receive a certain number of jewels, which can be then divided among all users.

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